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Hamdan Plaza Hotel, Salalah
Hamdan Plaza Hotel is a stylish deluxe hotel in Salalah, in a prestigious and convenient location of downtown Salalah main road, 10 minutes from the Main Souk and 3 Km from the Khareef Festive grounds. ...
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Salah Rotana Resort
Salalah Rotana Resort Hotel is a 5 star resort on Salalah Beach, on the shores of the Indian Ocean coast of Oman, at a scenic 20km drive from Salalah Airport. ...
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Salalah in southern Oman, the capital of Dhofar, a traditional stronghold and birthplace of the Sultan, Qaboos bin Said, has a unique charm with its coconut groves and banana plantations growing right to the water's edge.

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Palm tree lined beach in Salah, Oman

The beautiful beaches of white sand are a heaven for swimmers and sea lovers. The rugged beauty of the fertile plains of Salalah, its fresh water springs, the bustling souks and tropical landscape leave a lasting impression on the visitors mind. The best time to visit Salalah is from June to September, When the monsoon rains lash the region, turning it into a tropical paradise. Salalah is also noted for a diversity of traditional livelihoods and crafts, industries, arts and folk customs still practiced in the city and its environs. Traditional livelihoods include commerce, blacksmithing, the herding and breeding of livestock, needlework and embroidery and agriculture. Among the indigenous Industries are boat and skiff building, pottery, palm weaving, rope making, dairy production, the making of fishing nets, confectionery, silver and gold jewellery work, woodcarving and leatherwork.

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