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Colorful, brilliant, beautiful, well-presented, Brazil, with thousands of different landscapes, a huge blend of colors, sounds, smells, and above all people. For a start, Brazil is very, very, big. It's practically a continent.
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Hotels in BRAZIL

Dilos Holiday World presents hotels in Brazil. A large selection of all classes of hotels in most cities in Brazil but also beach hotels on most of the popular summer resorts.

Brazil Beach, Brazil
Brazil Beach, Brazil.

Select your hotel and book on line or ask us to do it for you.

Our rates are very competitive and we encourage you to compare us with the competition.

The rates we publish are always fully inclusive of all taxes and service charges as well as complimentary breakfast in most cases. There are no hidden extras here.

In addition we offer easy payment options for early bookings.

Go ahead, enjoy your stay in Brazil with Dilos Holiday World.

Alagoas Hotels [21]

Wonderful beaches, generous all year round sun and vast coconut plantations set the scenery in Alagoas, Brazil. Read more about Alagoas

View hotels in Japaratinga, Maceio, Maragogi, Penedo, Sao Miguel dos Milagres

Para Hotels [8]

Encompassing a huge territory, with countless islands, lakes, beaches and mountains, the beauties of Para State split the attention of those who arrive to visit. Read more about Para

View hotels in Alter Do Chao, Belem

Amazonas Hotels [19]

Amazonas is the biggest State of Brazil and Manaus is its capital, which is the entry gate to the North Region of Brazil. Talking about sizes you can imagine Amazonas having the size of France. Read more about Amazonas

View hotels in Manaus

Paraiba Hotels [12]

Sugar cane cultivation in Paraiba State began around the 16th century, promoting prosperity in the region. This fact has caused the Portuguese, French and Dutch to savagely dispute that territory. Read more about Paraiba

View hotels in Joao Pessoa, Tambau

Bahia Hotels [113]

With a lot of wonderful tour places, the State of Bahia offers the visitors a great variety. Beautiful beaches, natural pools, open sea, rocky coast, waterfalls, grottoes, caves, among other natural beauties that fascinate anyone. Read more about Bahia

View hotels in Arraial D Ajuda, Costa Do Sauipe, Ilheus, Itacare, Itacimirim, Lencois, Marau, Morro de Sao Paulo, Porto Seguro, Praia do Forte, Salvador, Trancoso

Parana Hotels [71]

Parana located on the South Region of Brazil, has five natural zones: the Coastline, the Serra do Mar (Sea Forest), The First, The Second and the Third Plateaus, all with pleasant surprises. Read more about Parana

View hotels in Cascavel, Curitiba, Foz do Iguacu, Guaira, Londrina, Maringa

Ceara Hotels [72]

The State of Ceara was the first province of the Empire to abolish slavery in 1884, five years before the remaining parts of Brazil, and, for this reason, it is known as the abolition land. Read more about Ceara

View hotels in Camocim, Canoa Quebrada, Fortaleza, Jericoacoara, Porto das Dunas, Praia Das Fontes

Pernambuco Hotels [54]

Pernambuco is one of the Brazilian States where some of the pages of the history of the Country have been recorded. The State keeps the marks from the 17th century, period when it got wealthier, thanks to the sugar cane production. Read more about Pernambuco

View hotels in Cabo De Santo Agostinho, Maria Farinha, Olinda, Porto De Galinhas, Recife, Tamandare

Distrito Federal Hotels [16]

The Federal District (Distrito Federal in Portuguese) includes Brasilia the capital of Brazil. The Federal District has Brasilia as its main and perhaps only attraction. Read more about Distrito Federal

View hotels in Brasilia

Piaui Hotels [3]

Piaui is one of the states of Brazil on the northeast part of Brazil, with the shortest coastline of 66 km (41 mi). The capital of Piaui, Teresina, is the only inland capital in the north east of Brazil. Read more about Piaui

View hotels in Teresina

Espirito Santo Hotels [4]

Espirito Santo is a state on the south east of Brazil. Vitoria is the Capital and Vila Velha is a large city. The state of Espirito Santo has beautiful beaches that form the main tourism attraction to the area. Read more about Espirito Santo

View hotels in Vila Velha, Vitoria

Rio de Janeiro Hotels [174]

Rio de Janeiro is the name of the State incorporating the city of Rio de Janeiro, Buzios, Petropolis, Teresopolis and more. Read more about Rio de Janeiro

View hotels in Angra dos Reis, Buzios, Ilha Grande, Itaipava, Itatiaia, Macae, Parati, Petropolis, Rio De Janeiro, Teresopolis

Goias Hotels [2]

View hotels in Goiania

Rio Grande do Norte Hotels [59]

View hotels in Baia Formosa, Fernando De Noronha, Natal, Praia da Pipa, Tibau do Sul

Maranhao Hotels [7]

The State of Maranhao is one of the most beautiful places along the Brazilian coastline. Maranhao is a sea of sand dunes that occupies 70 km of coastline and extends as much as 50 km inland, called the Lencois Maranhenses. Read more about Maranhao

View hotels in Sao Luis

Rio Grande do Sul Hotels [24]

View hotels in Caxias Do Sul, Gramado, Porto Alegre

Mato Grosso Hotels [9]

View hotels in Cuiaba, Pantanal

Santa Catarina Hotels [54]

View hotels in Blumenau, Bombinhas, Camboriu, Florianopolis, Governador Celso Ramos, Ilha do Papagaio, Imbituba, Itapema, Joinville, Santo Amaro da Imperatriz

Mato Grosso do Sul Hotels [12]

View hotels in Bonito, Campo Grande, Miranda

Sao Paulo Hotels [145]

View hotels in Atibaia, Campinas, Guaruja, Moji das Cruzes, Ribeirao Preto, Sao Jose dos Campos, Sao Paulo

Minas Gerais Hotels [40]

The colonisation of Minas Gerais State by the Portuguese occurred soon after the discovery of Brazil, on the 16th and 17th centuries. Read more about Minas Gerais

View hotels in Araxa, Belo Horizonte, Ipatinga, Ouro Preto, Sao Joao Del Rei, Tiradentes, Uberlandia

Sergipe Hotels [5]

View hotels in Aracaju

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