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Doubletree Guest Suites
Doubletree Guest Suites New York City Hotel is right in the middle of exciting of New York, USA. An all suite 4 star New York hotel close to the theatres of Broadway, spectacular museums, chic restaurants and all major business districts. ...
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W-New York Hotel
W New York Hotel is in midtown Manhattan, New York, USA, a few blocks from Grand Central Station, Rockefeller Plaza and the Theater District. A modern 4 star New York hotel near Bloomingdales and Saks Fifth Avenue. ...
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Luxor Aeroporto Hotel, Rio De Janeiro
Luxor Aeroporto Hotel is on the 3rd floor of the International Airport of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A well positioned 5 star Rio de Janeiro hotel just steps from the departure and arrival areas. ...
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Acropolis Rock

The Acropolis you see today dates from the 5th century BC when Athens set the tone for civilization in Europe.

On the sacred rock of the Acropolis the monuments date from the prehistoric period to the end of antiquity.


Entrance to the Acropolis is from the west through Propylaea.

This building was the work of the architect Mnesicles and was erected in the years 437 - 432 BC.

It consists of a central building and two wings.

The north wing had paintings and frescoes on its walls and is known as the Pinakotheke (Art Gallery).


Erechtheion on the Acropolis

This temple was erected to the south of the Propylaea about 420 BC, to commemorate the victories of the Greeks over the Persians. The architect of this temple was Kallikrates. It had four Ionic columns at both the front and back. A marble protective balustrade with relief figures of Nike encircled the top of the bastion on which the temple was built.

This place is so unique that there has been a temple on this exact spot since prehistoric times.

Karyatids on the Acropolis


The unique masterpiece of the world.

You will realize it yourself the moment you stand in front of it and learn a little of its history and the secrets of its construction.

The beauty, harmony and grace of this monument make a really lasting impression on everyone who sees it.

Today admission to the Parthenon is prohibited due to the restoration work that has been taking place there since 1983. This will not prevent you from admiring this unique temple dedicated to the goddess Athena and built of white marble from Penteli.

Under the Parthenon of the Classical times there are remains of the monumental Parthenon. an Archaic temple dated in the late 6th century BC.

The architects of the Classical temple, which was constructed and decorated between 447 and 432 BC during the Golden Age of Pericles, were lktinos and Kallikrates.

Parthenon housed the golden-ivory statue of Athena, work of the famous sculptor Pheidias.

This statue was the final destination of the Great Panathenaea procession, depicted on the frieze of the temple.

Parthenon on the Acropolis


A ten meters high statue stood inside the Parthenon.

The interior was of wood and the naked parts made of ivory. The dress and the helmet were made of hammered plates of gold which could be removed.

The statue represented the goddess Athena armed and holding a two - meter high ivory statue of Nike (Victory) in her right hand was lost during the first years of the Byzantine period. Our knowledge of its existence comes from ancient sources and the traveler Pausanias detailed descriptions (2nd century AD).

Valuable information about the statue has been obtained also from the copies found of which the most famous is the Varvakeion Athena.

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