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Perle Hotel
Perle Hotel is close to the village of Stavros on the coast of the Akrotiri peninsula in the countryside of Hania. In a land of 11 acres between Stavros and Tarsanas villages close to the sea, at 8 kms from the International Airport of Hania. ...
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Alexandros Hotel, next to the American Embassy, in a quiet and safe neighbourhood of Athens, has easy access to the underground and buses. It is close to the Concert Hall and within walking distance of many important monuments and museums on nearby Vassilisis Sofias Avenue. ...
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Coast Long Beach Hotel, Los Angeles
Coast Long Beach Hotel is next to the Queen Mary and Carnival Cruise Line terminal in Long Beach, Los Angeles, California, USA. A superb 4 star Los Angeles hotel a stroll away from downtown Long Beach, Aquarium of the Pacific and the historic Queen Mary. ...
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Nizwa used to be the centre for religious Islamic learning at the Old Central Mosque and is still known by many old Nizwa people as the Jaama.

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Nizwa is one of the largest cities in Oman, it has a wealth of cultural and ancient landmarks, most prominent is Nizwa fort built over a period of 12 years and located in the city centre. The fort is surrounded by ancient traditional souks (markets) where locals trade in traditional as well as imported merchandise, from vegetables to jewellery.

Nizwa is an oasis, in the enclosed by a series of mountains upon which the famous green mountain (al Jabal al Akhdar) lies.

Nizwa is a centre for date growing and packing, and the market place for the Dhakliya area. In the early 1950s the large round tower of the ancient Fort built around 400 years ago in the centre of the town was bombed and rocketed by the British Royal Air Force who were called in to assist the then reigning Sultan, Said bin Taymour in suppressing a revolt by tribal leaders in the interior, which was in reality a struggle for shares in the newly discovered oil wealth.

Nizwa has become a more modern city under the reign of Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said with roads and communications, a substantial hospital, schools, and the Training academy for the Royal Oman Police(ROP) all being established over the past thirty years.

There are now three good hotels and tourism is promoted in the area, which has some outstanding mountain scenery close by.

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