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Holiday Inn Hotel, Thessaloniki
Holiday Inn Hotel is situated in the heart of the northern Greek port-city of Thessaloniki, with an easy access to the commercial and cultural centre of the city, it is only 30 minutes from the International airport, 200 metres from the railway station, and one hour from some beautiful beaches and other historical attractions. ...
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Macedonia, which together with Thrace forms North Greece, belonged to the sphere of Greek history since 2300 BC. It was at that period that early Helladic tribes penetrated the broader area of Macedonia.

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In subsequent centuries some of these tribes, Macedni or Macedonians, became active in the area and according to Isiodos, inhabited the district around Pieria Mountains. Later in about 110 BC a number of these Macedonians came further south and mingled with the Doric tribes.

Isolated in the north, Macedonians, though belonging to the Hellenic linguistic group at first were not as culturally advanced as the rest of the Greeks and especially those of the southern Greek city-states.

Towards the middle of the 7th century BC King Perdikas, head of the Timenides dynasty who according to the legend originated from Argos in Peloponnese, established his capital at Aiges, today's Vergina. So far at Vergina, excavations have brought to light a cemetery of the Iron Age and of the Geometric Era, remains of the royal palace, three royal tombs with frescoes of unique quality.

The largest and richest of these, according to professor Andronikos who carried out the excavations, should be attributed to King Philip the Second who was assassinated and buried there, in accordance with the old Macedonian tradition of burring royalty in their ancient capital. At the close of the 5th BC century Pella became the new capital of the state.

Half way through the 4th century BC Macedonia became the leading power in the Hellenic world thanks to King Philip the Second who was proclaimed head of the Hellenic Federation. The dreams and plans of Philip the Second were destined to be carried out by his son Alexander who marched his army as far as the banks of Indus river. It is thanks to Alexander named "The Great" that Greek civilization and language was spread among countries as far as Central Asia. Ancient cities, which flourished particularly in Macedonia, were Pella, Dion, Philippi and Kassandreia.

Thessalonica the capital of Macedonia with its renowned monuments and churches occupied second place to Constantinople during the Byzantine years. At about the same time the cities Veria, Kastoria, Serres, Edessa and Servia also flourished.

Development in Macedonia during the last 70 years has been impressive. Especially after 1950 there has been rapid growth in all directions. The area consists of 13 prefectures plus Mount Athos (Agion Oros), which is a self-governing section of the Greek State. The west part of Macedonia consists of Pella, Florina, Kastoria, Grevena, Kozani, Imathia and Pieria. On the east we have Halkidiki, Serres and Kavala while in the central part we have Naousa, Veria, Litohoro, Katerini.

On the mountainous Macedonia the interest turns to the ski centers, trekking or exploring beautiful lakes such as Kerkini as well as gorges and caves (Alistrati and Petralona).

Summer is the most interesting period of the year for the areas of coastal Pieria, Thessalonica, Kassandra and Sithonia in Halkidiki and not one to forget the quiet and relaxing area of Ouranoupolis at the beginning of Athos peninsula, from which or from Ierissos daily short cruises are leading you from a distance of 300 meters to the divine scenery of all Holy Monasteries standing there for centuries either inside or on the coast.

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