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Plaza Hotel, Loutraki
Plaza Hotel is a second class hotel in the sea side town of Loutraki 110 km west of Athens....
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Mantas Seaside
Mantas Seaside Hotel, in the centre of the sea side town of Loutraki, very close to the beach, is a brilliant place for leisure and fun. It only takes an hour by car from the international airport of Athens. ...
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Loutraki is a sea front city west of Athens, facing the Korinthian bay, famed for its hot mineral springs. The ancient name of Loutraki, Thermae, comes from Artemis Thermia, the protectors of hot mineral springs.

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Both Apollo, the god of the sun and of spiritual peace, and Hera, the mother of the gods, were worshipped at temples there.

Reports of the use of the mineral springs of Loutraki for therapeutic reasons have come down to us from deep in the mists of time; the first written mention of the baths at Thermae is by Xenophon in his "Hellenica".

During the Roman era, Sulla was cured by the springs of Loutraki, as were those who sought therapy at the Roman Baths, which had been constructed at Thermae. Furthermore, in the Byzantine years, the erection of a church near the hot springs indicates that the mineral waters were able to ease much suffering.

In 1855, the first municipal enterprise to exploit the springs opened, providing organised facilities for those who travelled to Loutraki "to take the waters".

Since 1936 Loutraki has been a station for hot baths, winning the accolade of first Centre for Lithiasis in Greece and in the Eastern Mediterranean. In the past few decades the waters of Loutraki have attracted the interest of medical circles, being considered comparable to the famous waters of Vichy, Evian and Perrier, and they have been the subject of many scientific and medical studies.

Today, Loutraki with three ultramodern hydrotherapy installations, fully equipped for treatment using baths, drinking and physiotherapy, as well as impeccable facilities for tourists, fully merits its ranking among the finest organized health resorts internationally.

Climate and environment
A unique combination of climate and natural surroundings makes Loutraki a privileged place. A temperate Mediterranean climate, breezes scented with iodine from the crystalline sea, superb beaches which have received four "Blue Flags of Europe " awards, and the oxygen-laden air brought down by the benevolent north wind as it blows through the fir forests of Mt. Gerania are some of its assets. Its prolonged sunshine throughout the year and lack of humidity are particularly favourable for health tourism and for natural post- treatment recovery.

Facilities for holidaymakers at Loutraki are particularly well developed, since the place has traditionally been linked with health tourism and hot baths for so long. There are 57 hotels of all categories and a host of pensions and furnished flats ready to welcome the thousands of visitors who arrive to the famous spa year round and especially in summer. Proper diet is guaranteed thanks to the numerous good restaurants and taverns serving delicious fresh fish and anything else one might desire.

Devotees of water sports discover that Loutraki is a paradise with ideal conditions for swimming, wind surfing and fishing.

There are also abundant tennis courts, basketball and volleyball courts, and soccer fields, completing the possibilities for naturally healthy vacations combined with exercise. Limitless opportunities exist for entertainment and shopping. A wealth of shops, boutiques, jewelry stores, art galleries, cinemas, discos, bars and nightclubs exists, offering something for all ages and inclinations.

Cultural Events
Dozens of concerts, theatrical performances and happenings lend a quality of another sort to a Loutraki holiday.

The Municipal Bands, the drum majorettes, the appearances of music groups and well known performers, both Greek and foreign, the many art exhibitions, the fun-filled fiestas, all make the holiday maker's life more colourful and entertaining.

In these lively surroundings, rehabilitation and post-therapy recovery take place in the pleasant, most creative and rewarding way. Loutraki is an extraordinarily vital place and holidays take the form of an unforgettable exciting experience, for both children and adults.

Loutraki ideal location, a unique blend of the cleanest of seas and delightful coves with mountain scenery, fir forests and lush vegetation that grows right down to the water's edge, offers innumerable possibilities for short trips around the Greek countryside.

For those who worship the sea there are many untouched beaches reachable by boat. For those who love the heights, the Gerania range is close enough for romantic strolls and more energetic mountain hikes.

Loutraki is also beautifully positioned for excursions to some of Greece's most important archaeological sites, such as Ancient Corinth, Delphi, Mycenae, Epidavros, Olympia and the Acropolis in Athens. Temples and Byzantine churches lie within a short distance of town; these include the Heraion on exquisite lake Vouliagmeni and the monasteries nestled in the mountains.

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