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Trianon Bonita Bay Hotel, Naples
Trianon Bonita Bay Hotel is a 3 star Naples hotel minutes from the Gulf of Mexico, north of Naples, Florida, USA. Florida Gulf Coast University, Naples Philharmonic and an array of golf courses are all within easy access. ...
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Das Cataratas Hotel, Foz do Iguacu
Das Cataratas Hotel in Foz do Iguacu, Parana, Brazil is a classic hotel in the centre of the Iguazu national park in Brazil. An exceptionally well positioned 4 star Foz do Iguacu hotel in the middle of jungle, only a few hundred meters from the famous Iguazu Cataracts in Brazil. ...
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Hilton Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai
Hilton Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai, UA Emirates is on the golden mile of Dubai coast, the Jumeirah beach. A 5 star Dubai hotel only minutes away from several beach and shopping activities and a 20 minutes drive will bring you into the city centre. ...
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Sparta is the capital of the prefecture of Lakonia, located 225 km from Athens, built in the heart of a fertile plain near Evrotas river. On the same site as ancient Sparta had stood, the city forms a modern, well designed urban centre.

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Modern Sparta was built originally on the pattern of a blueprint designed by Bavarians in 1834.

The Dorians had created ancient Sparta in 1100 BC as a state with a special regime. It was the terror of Athens, which explains why clashes between them had been permanent, culminating into the Peloponnesian War, out of which it emerged victorious.

Until the time of Alexander the Great, Sparta and Athens were the biggest city - states in ancient Greece.

In 146 BC the Romans conquered the region. Known as Lacedaemon in Byzantine years, Sparta fell to the Franks after the Fall of Constantinople in 1204, becoming the seat of a Catholic bishopric.

In 1266, although the fort of Mystras had already been built and the Franks handed it over to the Byzantines, its inhabitants abandoned it and the city became deserted.

Only a few ruins remain of once mighty and powerful Sparta. Odd remnants of the shrine of Chalkioikou Athinas worshipped up to the 4th century BC, the Wall and the Roman Arcade.

To the west of the temple, excavations led to the discovery of the church of Christ the Saviour with which chaste Nikon had an association (10th century). Only a short distance away lie ruins of what is left of the Leonithaio, (5th c BC) where Leonidas' remains had been carried, to the shrine of Orthias Artemidos (6th c BC) and the Menelaion.

Traces of ruins were discovered at Amykles village, site of the ancient city of the Achaens of Lakonia also called Amykles, while on Vafeios hill, excavations brought to light a dome like tomb dating back to the Mycenean Age. Precious finds discovered in tombs are on display at Athens National Museum.

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