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Limnos is an impressive, volcanic island with sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, modestly elevated hills, traditional settlements and archaeological sites.

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Limnos has also kept alive the traditions of its edible products known from ancient times such as wine, honey, cheese and of course plenty of fish.

Limnos is off the beaten track and invites you to explorer it. Limnos gave birth to many illustrious writers and artists who were inspired by its beauty.It offers itself as the perfect place for a tranquil holiday. In ancient times, Limnos was the worshipping site of fire and earth.

Myrina, the island's capital and port, has a population of around 5000 inhabitants. According to the myth Myrina was the name of the wife of the first king of Limnos Tsoadas. It is built on the same spot where the old city was located. The ancient Temple of Artemis, the "sanctuary without the city", is considered to have been built in the 7th century BC and is located 2 km outside Myrina. It extends from two seashores, which are joined by a castle crowned rocky headland with a splendid sea view.

It is a beautiful town built in a traditional style with many picturesque, narrow streets, houses and a market place. The impressive, fortified castle, which hovers over the town, can be reached either from the market, the harbor or the Romeikos waterfront. The stairs, which begin at the church, will lead you straight to its entrance. The rocks on which it was built make it impregnable even today. Deer and roebuck roam freely in the nearby caves.

Worth seeing in the town are the Karatzadios Library, the Cathedral of Agia Triada which its two splendid belfries and the Archaeological Museum which its huge collection of finds. The town is divided into two suburbs, Tsas and Androni.

Portianou. The name of the village comes possibly from its location between two ports Moudros and Kontia. Kontias is one of the biggest and nicest villages on Limnos, with Pine Hills and abandoned windmills, tree-lined streets, a characteristic local colour and its scenic chapel, which hovers over the hill. The ouzo produced there is also quite famous.

Around the villages of Varos, Rossopouli, Moudros, Thanos and Kontias remnants of a Petrified Forest can be found. Excavations have proofed its existence and it is of major environmental, geological and paleontological value. Among these significant finds are petrified remnants of tropical plants.

The archaeological museum of Limnos opened in 1961. It is a three-storey building located on the Romeikos shore, near the high school. It includes the finds of the Italian Archaeological School in Poliochni, Kaviria and Hefestia, finds excavated in Myrina and other diverse finds from all over the island. The museum's marbles are also exhibited in the same room. Statues, engravings, marble columns from Limnos and Imvros can all be admired, but the most striking is the famous copy of Love, a work by the sculptor Lyssipou.

The Byzantine museum of the Limnos Cathedral is a small contribution to our country. The Ecclesiastic Museum is here, with many icons and holy objects from the churches of Myrina and the villages.

More important places to visit are the village of Plati, Poliochni, Kaspakas, Kavirio and Ifestia.

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