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Bandeirantes Hotel, Rio De Janeiro
Bandeirantes Hotel is 2 blocks from the famous beach of Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A 3 star Rio de Janeiro hotel 12 km from the centre of Rio de Janeiro, 7 km from Sugar Loaf and 27 km from Corcovado. ...
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Splendid Etoile Hotel is a beautiful first class Paris hotel in the epicentre of the famous quarter of the Champs Elysees, Paris, France, (17th arrondissement). Also nearby are the famous Arch of Triumph and Charles de Gaulle square. ...
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Tzermiadon, is the capital of Lasithi province, one of the four provinces making up Lasithi perfecture on the east of Crete.
A windmill in Lasithi

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Tzermiadon is the biggest of all the villages that encircle the plain of Lasithi, this quite unique, green carpet hemmed in on all sides by the Lasithi mountains the range of Dikti.

The capital of the eparchy was built in the 15th century like the other villages on the plain. The district was inhabited from the Neolithic period (on the hill of Kastelos) until the end of antiquity.

Cave of Trapeza
This is in the Lasithi plain northeast of Tzermiado. It is also known as the Kroneion I cave. J. Pendlebury and his colleagues excavated it in 1932. Like other caves, it was used in the Neolithic period as a seasonal abode and refuge. In the Pre palatial period it was used for burials.

Among the finds are pottery with plastic decoration of the Final Neolithic period, known as Trapeza ware, many stone and clay implements, bronze daggers, ivory figurines and gold jewelery. According to the excavator it was also a cult cave in the Protopalatial period.

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