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Hyatt Regency
Located only 13 kilometres from Thessaloniki city centre and just five minutes from Thessaloniki International Airport, it is less than an hour from some of Greece's beautiful beaches, the monasteries of Agion Oros (Mount Athos), spectacular vineyards and minutes from the largest casino in Europe, the Regency Casino Thessaloniki. ...
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Perola Buzios Hotel
Perola Buzios Hotel is steps from the famous Rua das Pedras, in the heart of Buzios, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A relaxing 4 star Buzios hotel next to the white sandy beach and the restaurants, bars and nightlife in Buzios centre. ...
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Paraiso Del Sol Resort, Cabarete
Paraiso Del Sol Resort Hotel is close to the town of Cabarete, Dominican Republic, capital of the wind-driven sports. A 4 star Cabarete hotel near Sosua, ideal for golf enthusiasts and a wind surfer's paradise. ...
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Viannos is a village in Eastern Crete, on the mountainous area of the south east part of Iraklion prefecture.
Viannos war memorial

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The name is said that comes from "Viennos" one of the "Kourites" (men who, in ancient times, lived in Crete and used to bang their arms and their shields together in order to cover Zeus cry - the Greek word "krousis" implies this). It is also said that the name comes from the fight (via = violence) of two of the Kourites, "Otos" and "Efialtis" - sons of Poseidon - against Aris, the god of war.

Many findings prove that Viannos was a strong city during the ancient era, with its own coins and allies.

During the Turkish and German occupation the inhabitants of Viannos added golden pages in Crete's struggle against the invaders. A nice - one of a kind - memorial stands at Amiras to remind the sacrifice of "Viannites" and the holocaust of September 14, 1943, when 358 men, women and children were executed and many villages were burnt after the strict order of the German commander.

Viannos has a long tradition in literature and science. Ioannis Kondilakis (1862-1920) a famous journalist and novelist was born there and his novels "Patouhas" and "When I was a teacher" are still among the most interesting in New Greek literature.

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