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Melia Hotel, Santo Domingo
Melia Hotel in the heart of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic is a 5 star Santo Domingo hotel offering spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea minutes from the city centre and within easy access to the fantastic colonial area of Santo Domingo. ...
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Deville Aeroporto Hotel, Porto Alegre
Deville Aeroporto Hotel in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil is 800 metres from Salgado Filho airport. A 4 star Porto Alegre hotel 15 minutes from the commercial centre of the city, in the main access to the industrial region and Vale dos Sinos. ...
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Experience Singapore as a Singaporean; The Link Hotel situated in the Tiong Bahru estate within walking distance to Tiong Bahru Market and the MRT stations of Outram and Tiong Bahru; and within easy access to one of Singapore’s biggest shopping malls, Vivocity and the most famous shopping district, Orchard Road. ...
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The little seaside hamlet of Sougia on the south coast of Hania is the site of ancient Syia, which was one of the harbours of Elyros flourished chiefly in the Roman period.

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View of Sougia

A considerable number of ruins have survived but there have been few excavations.

Sougia is famous for its 6th c. Early Byzantine basilica, excavated by A. Orlandos, after a dream seen by a woman from the nearby village of Livadas. The basilica has three aisles and annexes on the north. The floor was decorated with mosaics depicting geometric motifs and subjects from the natural world, like birds, fish, trees, etc.

There are two more basilicas west of the village.

Parts of the cemetery with built tholos tombs are also visible.

The cities of Yrtakina, Elyros, Lissos and Tarrha formed a currency union.

The four of them and the cities of Syfa, Poikilasos, Kandanos, Aradin, Anopolis and Phoinix in the later Classical period constituted a local federation of autonomous communities, the "League of Mountain States", with the Diktynnaion Sanctuary of Lissos as its centre.

This collaboration shows how effectively a religious league could function as a political rallying point.

The modern town has a large pebbly beach that never gets crowded.

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