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Baden-Wuerttemberg is a federal state in south-western Germany to the east of the Upper Rhine. It is third largest in both area and population among the country's sixteen states. The capital is Stuttgart. The Danube has its source in Baden-Wuerrtemberg.
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Hotels in Baden-Wuerttemberg

Bad Herrenalb Hotels [1]

Karlsruhe Hotels [4]

Karlsruhe lies at the foot of the Black Forest and next to the Rhine River. Located in the economic powerhouse of the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Karlsruhe’s human scale makes this medium-sized city a pleasure to discover. Read more about Karlsruhe

Bad Mergentheim Hotels [1]

Konstanz Hotels [3]

With a population of around 80,000, the historical town Konstanz is the largest town on Lake Constance. Today, it is a lively university town offering a wide range of leisure activities for visitors of all ages. Read more about Konstanz

Bad Peterstal-Griesbach Hotels [1]

Bad Peterstal Griesbach is a well-known health resort in the upper Renchtal, which ranks among the most beautiful side valleys of the Rhine. Read more about Bad Peterstal-Griesbach

Langenargen Hotels [1]

Langenargen is on Lake Constance approximately 8 miles north west of Lindau in Baden Wuerttemberg. Read more about Langenargen

Baden-Baden Hotels [11]

Baden-Baden has a special atmosphere, southern flair and a long tradition, in the heart of evergreen flora and fauna. Its avenues invite you to shop to your heart’s content and feel some southern joie-de-vivre in countless cafes. This is a bit of Tuscan Read more about Baden-Baden

Mannheim Hotels [5]

With 307,640 inhabitants it is the second largest city in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg, situated at the confluence of the Rhine and Neckar rivers. The Rhine separates Mannheim from the adjunct Rhineland-Palatinate city of Ludwigshafen. Read more about Mannheim

Breitnau Hotels [1]

At an altitude of 885 to 1,200 meters, on a broad high plain above the Hoellental in the Feldberg region, where the air is still clean, lies the health climate resort of the Breitnau spa area. Read more about Breitnau

Pforzheim Hotels [1]

Pforzheim city, lies on the Enz River, at the northern end of the Black Forest. It is the centre of the German jewellery and watch making industry. Read more about Pforzheim

Filderstadt Hotels [2]

Located immediately in the south of Stuttgart is Filderstadt, directly connected to the airport, the Autobahn A8 and the freeway B27. Read more about Filderstadt

Schoemberg Hotels [1]

650 metres above sea level, Schoemberg is situated on a high plateau at the northern edge of the Black Forest. Read more about Schoemberg

Freiburg im Breisgau Hotels [7]

Freiburg is located at the southern tip of the Black Forest, close to both France just 3 km away and Switzerland 42 km away. Although still a small city, its population has steadily grown through the years, now reaching over 200,000 residents. Read more about Freiburg im Breisgau

Schoenwald Hotels [1]

Schoenwald is situated on a high plateau, surrounded by high moors and forests. As family-friendly holiday resort, Schoenwald offers above all alternatives suited for young and old. Read more about Schoenwald

Freudenstadt Hotels [1]

Freudenstadt with its wide range of holidays for young and old, for sports enthusiasts and for guests who just intend to switch off for a while. Read more about Freudenstadt

Schonach Hotels [1]

Do you like cuckoo clocks? The world's biggest cuckoo calls every hour on the hour in Schonach, a dinky village buried in the heart of the dense Black Forest. Read more about Schonach

Friedrichshafen Hotels [3]

Friedrichshafen lies on the shores of Lake Constance (Bodensee), in the south of Germany in the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg. It is not only known for being a tourist resort but also as the home of the Zeppelin airships. Read more about Friedrichshafen

Stuttgart Hotels [14]

Capital of the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg with a population of approximately 590,000 as of September 2005 in the city and around 3 million in the metropolitan area. Stuttgart is the sixth largest city in Germany. Read more about Stuttgart

Glottertal Hotels [1]

Flower meadows and Black Forest heights, sumptuous fruit and wine gardens and dark fir forests, conveniently situated between Black Forest and Rhineland, that is the Glottertal.

Triberg Hotels [1]

Located in Germany's Black Forest, Triberg is the cuckoo clock capital of the world. Cuckoo clocks originated here over 200 years ago and they're one of the reasons why Triberg has become one of the most popular tourist destinations of the Black Forest. Read more about Triberg

Heidelberg Hotels [11]

The striking beauty of Heidelberg has inspired poets and artists for centuries. Today's visitors can also be enchanted with the old city's traditions and historical monuments. Read more about Heidelberg

Ueberlingen Hotels [1]

The hydrotherapy health resort of Ueberlingen is the Lake Constance Riviera. The almost Mediterranean climate pleasantly warms your skin, just like in the sunny south. Read more about Ueberlingen

Heilbronn Hotels [2]

The town of Heilbronn is situated between the conurbations of Stuttgart and Heidelberg/Mannheim/Ludwigshafen in the beautiful scenery of the Neckar Valley. Read more about Heilbronn

Ulm Hotels [3]

The highlight is Ulm Minster, which has the tallest church spire in the world and a collection of late-Gothic masterpieces, but Ulm has other attractions too. Read more about Ulm

Hirschberg Hotels [1]

Weinheim Hotels [1]

Hockenheim Hotels [1]

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