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N. E. Aegean Islands
A group of seven islands on the North East corner of the Aegean sea, including Hios, Ikaria, Lesvos, Lemnos, Samos, Samothrace and Thassos.
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Hotels in N. E. Aegean Islands

HIOS Hotels [11]

"Craggy Hios", as Homer dubbed it, and he should have known as it was probably his home, remains unspoiled. Read more about HIOS

View hotels in Bella Vista, Hios, Karfas, Kontari, Vrontados

LIMNOS Hotels [5]

Limnos is an impressive, volcanic island with sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, modestly elevated hills, traditional settlements and archaeological sites. Read more about LIMNOS

View hotels in Livadohori, Myrina

IKARIA Hotels [3]

Ikaria is a majestic island of the Eastern Aegean Sea and home of the mythical Ikaros. Read more about IKARIA

View hotels in Armenistis, Evdilos

SAMOS Hotels [14]

Samos is an attractive and pleasant island, mountainous and green. Read more about SAMOS

View hotels in Karlovasi, Pithagorio, Potokaki, Samos

LESVOS Hotels [22]

Lesvos very often called Mytilini, after its capital, is the third largest island in Greece, located very close to the island of Hios. Read more about LESVOS

View hotels in Agios Isidoros, Mithimna, Mitilini, Plomari, Pyrgi Thermis, Skala, Varia, Vatera

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